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Call For Artist Submissions

Find Call For Artists Submissions here or fill out our form to submit your calls.

It's FREE. We only ask that you register first. Please include all information requested, especially show start and end dates. 

We're notified when you submit a call and review it before it's posted. We reserve the right to not post calls that we feel do not fit within our visitors interests. Advertising a workshop is not FREE.

Get notified of new calls by subscribing to our call for artists email list! We send them them out every Tuesday.

Artists in Ontario: Did you know you can get exhibition grants? Visit the OAC website page scroll down to the Recommender Contacts and Deadlines section and open the pdf there.


Current calls are listed below.


Venue: Calendar
Town/City: Bruce, Grey and Simcoe
Event Start Date: 01-Jan-2019
Submission Deadline: 31-Mar-2018

Venue: Minto Arts Gallery 3rd Floor of Harriston Library
Town/City: Harriston
Event Start Date: 04-May-2018
Submission Deadline: 02-Apr-2018

Venue: Walkerton Library Branch
Town/City: Walkerton
Event Start Date: 17-Apr-2018
Submission Deadline: 6-Apr-2018

Venue: Posted, JN Expo Publication
Town/City: Toronto /Montreal
Event Start Date: 28-Apr-2018
Submission Deadline: 08-Apr-2018

Venue: Online
Town/City: n/a
Event Start Date: 15-May-2018
Submission Deadline: 09-Apr-2018

Venue: BMFA Collingwood
Town/City: Collingwood
Event Start Date: 18-Apr-2018
Submission Deadline: 13-Apr-2018

Venue: 1724 Mosley St Wasaga Beach (RecPlex)
Town/City: Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Event Start Date: 21-Apr-2018
Submission Deadline: 14-Apr-2018

Venue: Salt Spring Island
Town/City: Salt Spring Island
Event Start Date: 31-Oct-2018
Submission Deadline: 2-May-2018

Venue: Anywhere in the world
Town/City: Vancouver
Event Start Date: 19-May-2018
Submission Deadline: 01-May-2018

Venue: McMichael Gallery 10365 Islington Avenue
Town/City: Kleinburg
Event Start Date: 19-Oct-2018
Submission Deadline: 31-May-2018


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