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Best practices for buying supplies to create long lasting art

Best practices for buying supplies to create long lasting art

Friday, July 06, 2012

Sketching away the afternoon under a tree reminds me how much I love summer and the beautiful natural light. Unfortunately that same light can do some serious damage to your art work and even alter the way colors look on your painting. 

Here's some good rule of thumb tips to keep in mind when searching for art materials to ensure your creativity lasts beyond the summer.

Student quality materials may be a cheaper investment in the beginning but will cost you more in the long run. The quality deteriorates quickly and you'll have to replace sooner than professional quality materials. There are usually two grades of material "student" and "artists/ professional" grade.

Paints - it's all about pigment load. Higher quality acrylic paint will have a higher pigment to binder ratio and therefore have a richer more intense color saturation. To achieve this same intensity of color with a student grade quality paint, you'll have to utilize more paint to get the same effect as the professional grade acrylic paint.

Brushes - artist quality brushes hold their shape longer and are more secured to the ferrel (metal portion that holds your bristles to the handle) making them more durable while increasing their life.

Stretched Canvas - student quality is constructed with a lighter weight wood which can warp and often has less primer (gesso) on the surface. Avoid canvases stapled on the sides as they can rust and bleed into your painting.

Paper - Always stick to an acid free to avoid yellowing as cheap papers containing acid will actually eat away at the fibers in the paper over time.

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by Erin, our guest blogger.

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