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On the Look Out for Inspiration - Interview with Artist Kathie Wright

On the Look Out for Inspiration - Interview with Artist Kathie Wright

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

With the change in the seasons upon us, many of the artists who make up The 2012 Art Map search outdoors for their artistic inspiration. Kathie Wright is certainly one who uses the great outdoors for both photographic research as well as artistic inspiration. 

Speaking of outdoors- one of the most unique items we’ve come across in a while is Kathie’s “custom real-estate portraits” which brings the outside in! These home portraits or an original piece of art by any of the artists' studios on The 2012 Art Map would be the gift of the season.

In between exhibitions and studio tours, we caught up with Kathie to chat about her creative career in the arts.

Evening Chores acrylic on canvas and Ritchie Homestead watercolour house portrait by Kathie Wright

How long have you been painting?
I have always been involved in some form of creating my entire life! I painted off and on growing up and took a painting course Sheridan College while studying Graphic Design. 20 years ago, I took my first watercolour course and I was hooked!  I’ve since taken many courses in both watercolour and acrylics but now that I have retired from teaching full time, I have made painting my creative outlet and focus.

Do you always utilize the same system for creating? What does this system look like?

Most of the time, I am inspired by photos which I seem to collect by the hundreds! After I choose the one(s) to use, I spend time cropping, changing and forming my own idea using the shapes and patterns I see within the photo.  I always do a value sketch and draw the painting first.  After much time and research, I finally get to use my brushes.  

Was there a pivotal moment when you realized your passion for the arts?
I can’t remember not wanting to create, and to use my hands to make something interesting.  I do remember sketching as a child while I sat with family, and loved any creative endeavor from mosaic kits to colouring books, where I carefully shaded the shapes to look three dimensional.

Where is your painting practice headed to next?
For now, my next step in my painting practice would be to utilize more collage based imagery in my work. Outside of painting, I’d love to learn how to use a pottery wheel!  I think it would greatly rewarding to be able to do stained glass as well.  

Your painting practice seems to be very process driven. Do you find you need to create on a daily basis or collect all your research and then paint with focused concentration?  

Definitely my personal challenge is to make enough time in my daily schedule to paint. In the middle of my active personal life I am busy with painting commissions, special art projects and keeping up with sales at the venues where my work is shown.  I am working on making time in my day to play, and experiment with painting techniques and styles, in order to improve the quality of my work.  I think I need another day in the week.

We're always curious about artist's studios. Can you describe your studio or the place where you create?
I have a lovely spot at the back of my 130 year old stone house in the country. Upstairs, I have an inviting, spacious room to work which has truly been a blessing! I have a computer station, a watercolour station, and an acrylic station, with room for another table if needed. I couldn’t ask for more!

What’s the best advice you ever received about creativity?
I believe that God gave me a gift of creativity and a gift of “seeing” the world in a particular way, and that I have the privilege and responsibility to use my gifts. I like to collect quotes about art, and this one explains it well. It’s a form of advice for me.  
“God is a creator, and he created us to be creators. Hence, what we create is an extension of God's creation. He accepts, embraces, and delights in our creation even as he did the names that Adam gave the animals. He delights in us just as we delight in our own children's creativity.”  (Randy Alcorn)

Kathie Wright is an active member of the Saugeen Artist’s Co-op and exhibits her acrylic paintings at the Southampton Art Gallery. Kathie generously donated a fine art prize package towards The Art Map’s Photo contest which runs until October 31st 2012. 

by Erin, our guest blogger.

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