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June Already?

June Already?

Saturday, June 01, 2013

It's been a very busy year to date. It has been some time since we posted anything on our blog and I thought I would update you on one of the projects that we are working on.

Our website is getting an overhaul. Right now we have 4 different parts to our website, all of them require a separate log-in and password. And quite frankly it's getting outdated. We are working on revamping it and putting it together in one system. We'll have maps to the galleries and studios as usual but with a new layout. I think it will be better and easier to navigate. We're going to have more information about each location so you can find everything faster and print out the page to take with you on your travels if you want to. There will be a better search feature on the site.

We've divided Bruce, Grey, Southern Georgian Bay and Manitoulin Island into 8 trails that can be easily traveled in one day. You can also create your own trip with your favourite locations. We are going to reflect the trails on our website and display every listing we have by location.

We will have an event list and call to artists list as before, a blog as well and possibly an FAQ page. Our current blog uses the blogger platform which we love but we will be integrating that into our site for ease of use.

The photo galleries for each artist will be updated so they are easier to browse through and include a lightbox feature.

Stay tuned for more information about our projects this year. It promises to be a busy year.

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