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To Paint or not to Paint that isn't the Question - interview with Susan Seitz

To Paint or not to Paint that isn't the Question - interview with Susan Seitz

Friday, September 28, 2012

"Mother Earth – the source of all creations shares her inner secrets and desires through a connected space. Tapping into this remarkable energy is available to us all. My heart fills with gratitude as my paintbrush unfolds and reveals a glimpse of the beauty that hides within. In this moment, I shall create … for to live a life without, would deny my soul eternal grace.
S. Seitz

Garden Flowers acrylic on canvas by Susan Seitz

Susan, how long have you been painting? Sometimes I feel my soul has been painting for many Centuries – I continue to have so many creative visions that can’t seem to wait to get out onto canvas!

What sources do you most like to draw inspiration from? Almost everywhere I look! Life experiences, chai latte with whip cream, laughter, my giving gardens, the winds that cross our land, death, sadness, a summer sunset, a full moon, small miracles, mmmm chocolate cake, colours & shapes in nature!

What type of creative patterns and routines inspire your creativity? How do creative sparks come to you? I try to honour my creative space by allowing and trusting my creativity to emerge- the process component is very important to me.  It’s a magical space.  A space that embraces me every time I enter.  As I shut my lights off at the end of my day … I take a few steps towards the door – turn – and with hands to heart, I give thanks for the creative energy that unfolded and look forward to the discoveries to come.

The way people engage with your paintings- is it similar to how you yourself experience art? When customers are drawn to my paintings … although sales are exciting, the fact that someone shows interests in my work, observing them as they stand before my piece, brings an absolute JOY to my existence.  Knowing that there are people out there that share your same language and appreciate what it is that I’m sharing is amazing!

What does “being creative” mean to you? Being creative is being in touch with what is going on inside you on all levels – finding a connection to love – and then trusting yourself and being brave enough to share that with the world in any form of expression.

How did you decide that you would pursue painting? Our minds are powerful.  Whether we believe we can or believe we can’t, we are absolutely right!  I remember the year of mentally struggling with the idea of painting, drawing, doodles designs, business ideas, project ideas,  wondering if this was something I could do.  Wondering – should I paint, shouldn’t I paint, could I actually sell my work?  Where would I sell it?  I would love to teach, how would that look?  Would students come?  Then one day out of the blue, my very young daughter came up to me in the living room and asked me this one simple question – “Mommy, what do you do?” I remember stopping what I was doing and being very still – I felt this incredible energy emerge within.  And as I turned slowly to face her … I looked down upon her sweet face and with a warm soft smile I replied,  “I’m an artist.”  That moment was a gift.  The power within that statement gave me the beginning to a long awaited career in the arts.  I am truly grateful for that moment in time.  That moment took hold of me in such a positive, encouraging way and I have never looked back.

As an artist, what do you struggle with most? There are no challenges. Do what it is that you are passionate about ~ and the Universe opens the heavens and gives you exactly what it is you need in the moment.

Do you always paint in the same space or location? My studio is a place where creativity flows, love is shared, curiosity is discovered and magic unfolds. It's a 1903 School House attached Wood Shed – converted with open ceiling – windows on the west, north and east … allowing natural light to enter the space.  Sharing the view of nature in all 4 Seasons is truly inspiring!  Paint jars and brushes tumble across the work space connecting to the splattered colours upon the heated cement floor.  Splashes of colours here and there reveal the excitement that was created in previous paintings. The floor in itself is a master piece”, states many visitors and painters who share my space.

When do you put the paintbrush down? It's not really me who decides. It is the energy of the painting that reveals to me when completion has been met.  It is that sweet feeling of “awe, yes … here we are.”  I never know when that will happen. I just allow and trust it is just a knowing that is evident and I listen and respond with gratitude.

What's the best advice you ever received about creativity? Believe in yourself, and all things are possible!

Susan's paintings are on display across the region including at the Southampton Art Gallery.

by Erin, our guest blogger.

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