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Up close and personal with 2012 The Art Map cover artist Ofra Svorai

Up close and personal with 2012 The Art Map cover artist Ofra Svorai

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recently, we chatted with Artist Ofra Svorai about her painting practice, love of the outdoors and her inspiration for the painting featured on the cover The Art Map in 2012. Ofra has been an artist on The Art Map since the first edition 8 years ago and continues to create stunning paintings on silk and in both acrylic and oil on canvas and board.

How did your get started in the arts?
I have always painted, even from a very young age and after high school I attended Sheridan school of design. After graduation, I started a full time career and artistic practice as an artist.

Geography often informs your work. How has nature directly impacted your choices for composition, colour and subject matter?
I find that when in nature I am very inspired to record the constant change of light, mood and colour. I'm especially fascinated by the many "faces" of water, and find it a great challenge to paint it.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you created the painting “Reds and Yellows” which is featured on the 2012 cover of The Art Map? Every fall I like to paddle the Beaver River (which is close to my studio in Kimberly) and I usually take some photos and then paint in the studio. The painting "Reds and yellows" was painted shortly after this annual trip last fall using oil on board. Sometimes I will do field sketches on plein aire and use my paddle as my work surface.
*Ofra’s cover submission was the winning entry of our call to artists, which was narrowed down to three final covers. Our Facebook fans picked the winner.

Do you work on pieces individually or simultaneously and how does this impact your process? I prefer to paint one painting at a time. I need to concentrate on one at a time- giving all my attention to one place.

How do you decide when a work of art is finished? When painting, I usually arrive at a point when the work is getting close to completion, and that's when I refine areas, take another look and make sure that I am happy with every little detail. It’s only then that I feel ready to stop working on it.

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by Erin, our guest blogger.

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