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The Art Map 2018 Bruce, Grey and Simcoe County Landscape Wall Calendar Retailers

Browse through our list of retailers. We keep our list as up to date as possible. They are ordered by town. If you can't find a retailer near you please contact us.

You can also order your wall calendars online.

1. Camphill Store Barrie, Ontario
2. Maclaren Art Centre Barrie, Ontario
3. Matilda Swanson Gallery Clarksburg, Ontario
4. Collingwood Museum Collingwood, Ontario
5. Simcoe Street Books Collingwood, Ontario
6. Curiosity House Books & Art Gallery Creemore, Ontario
7. Durham Art Gallery Durham, Ontario
8. The Colour Jar Durham, Ontario
9. Dunbar Gallery Flesherton, Ontario
10. Millennia Books Hanover, Ontario
11. Kimberley General Store Kimberley, Ontario
12. Artemis Kincardine, Ontario
13. Market Shoppe Markdale, Ontario
14. Peek Through My Window Markdale, Ontario
15. Many Hands of Meaford Meaford, Ontario
16. Stuff to Read Meaford, Ontario
17. Cathy Boyd Fine Arts Midland, Ontario
18. Georgian Bay Books Midland, Ontario
19. Oasis Home and Gift Midland, Ontario
20. Simcoe County Museum Gift Shop Minesing, Ontario
21. Tom Thomson Art Gallery Owen Sound, Ontario
22. Back Eddies Paisley, Ontario
23. Nature’s Millworks Paisley, Ontario
24. Ripley Artisans Shoppe Ripley, Ontario
25. Granny Taught Us How Shelburne, Ontario
26. Southampton Art Gallery and Art Centre Southampton, Ontario
27. Rational Expressions Stayner, Ontario
28. Birch and Benjamin Thornbury, Ontario
29. Jessica's New Books and Art Thornbury, Ontario
30. Holts Office Supplies Walkerton, Ontario
31. Northern Confections Wiarton, Ontario
32. Neuton Street Art Barn Victoria Harbour, Ontario