Art & Food go together

The Art Map is a guide to Ontario Art Galleries, Art Studios, Events and Call to Artists

The Food Map is a guide to Ontario Restaurants, Cafés and Specialty Food

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Art Studios and Galleries

The Art Map is a guide to art studios and art galleries in Ontario

We make it easier to find your favourite artists.

interior of gallery space,paintings on the walls and 3 people looking at the artwork.

L. E. Shore Gallery

Art Gallery


painting of misty landscape

Liene Haruta

Art Studio


Oil painting of rocks and trees along the lakeshore

Margarethe Vanderpas Studio

Art Studio

Lion's Head

cheerful painting of simple houses and lake in background

Marlene Bulas Art

Art Studio


painting of colourful trees on an island

Matilda Swanson Gallery

Art Gallery


art objects on a display table in gallery

Minto Arts Gallery

Art Gallery


indigenous artwork with whit and colourful top

Moonstar Lodge

Art Studio

Tiny Township

painting of three toronto street cars.

Murray Van Halem

Art Studio


landscape painting with clouds and trees

Natasha Lehman Art

Art Studio


monochromatic drawing of sky and landscape in winter

Northern Flyer Designs

Art Gallery


painting of lakeshore with rocks and trees.

Ofra Svorai Studio

Art Studio


two banners with artwork reproduced on them.

Owen Sound Art Banner Society

Art Gallery

Owen Sound

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Restaurants, Cafés, Specialty Foods

The Food Map is a guide to restaurants where great food is served. We make it easier to find great places to eat.

steak at southampton meat market

Southampton Meat Market


fustis containing fresh olive oil at southampton olive oil

Southampton Olive Oil


specialty coffee at south stables coffee house

South Stables Coffee House


club sandwich with fries at steven's bar-b-q restaurant

Steven's Bar-B-Q Restaurant


fresh local vegetables at the thornbury farmers' market

Thornbury Farmers' Market


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