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We have Listings, Display Ads and Event Ads

We've provided some details about each type below.




  • designed to feature artists and galleries and have preferential positioning on the site
  • pins on the maps show locations where visitors can click the link to detail pages
  • can be saved to a favourites page where visitors can add their preferred locations and print out to create a self-guided custom tour
  • link to a detail page with up to 3 art images, description, map, links to social media and contact info
  • art galleries and art studios listed here
  • only artwork is shown in the listings, no logos or branding


Display Ads:


  • link from the ad directly to a website, web page or social media page
  • ads can be any type of business and include your branding, logo and text
  • cannot be saved to a favourites page and locations are not shown in maps
  • great for art supply stores, art schools, art related businesses and tourism information


Event Ads:


  • are shown on the Upcoming Events Page
  • emailed weekly to our subscribers when events are happening
  • sent out approximately one month before the event takes place, along with other upcoming events
  • remains on our site for the timeframe you choose, when the event is past it's put in the past event section
  • includes a detailed page with a map, description, dates, times, links, address and map
  • intended for art shows, studio tours, gallery exhibits and workshops on specific dates

Art shows, events and workshops

Promote your events, workshops and classes on our upcoming events page. We email our growing list of subscribers, weekly notices of upcoming events.

We've got lots of options. Contact us through our form for a rate sheet that suits your needs or call us at 519-924-3942 for more details.

Restaurants, cafés and specialty food retailers

Promote your restaurant, café or specialty food business on The Food Map website and increase your visibility.

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