Pauline Jennett

painting of trees in winter
painting of grass with large seed heads
painting of trees with bare branches
Art Studio

Since moving to Collingwood in 2013, I’ve been inspired to create with acrylic and oil paints. I’ve participated in the Collingwood “Art on the Street” Muskoka Chair creations and designed two bike racks along our Heritage Drive. Painting is an ongoing adventure. I’m still learning and developing my style.




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paintings of landscapes


Guest Artist

Jennifer Keskikyla is a landscape and wildlife photographer and painter. She is inspired by the natural world. Landscapes, leaves, skiers, animals birds and decorative paddles are all subjects she has explored. The Group of Seven and particularly AY Jackson, are influences in her work. Early influences also include Impressionism.


Address: 45 Silver Crescent, Collingwood, ON L9Y 0E9

Phone Number: 416-420-4885

Open Times: by appointment or during Open Studio Weekends

Gallery Size: In Studio Space

Number of Artists: 1

Classes Offered: No

Commissions Accepted: Yes

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